I'm the face behind the brand. Owner and operator of Lexscentials. So earlier when I said we as in a team, I meant just me. (as of right now) But anywho,  Back in 2017, while sitting on my bed after a long day of work, I began to think about entrepreneurship. The thought crossed my mind for several reasons and I would like to discuss those reasons with you.


First, I was tired of working for other companies. I was helping them grow their businesses when I could be growing my own. I was also tired of having to choose between my job or my family and missing out on things. I have two beautiful daughters, a handsome son, and a handsome hubby who is not only my lover, but my best friend. They are my world.  My other reasons were more income (money was always tight), freedom, the ability to create and inspire, and just to be a batty boss babe. 

So why candles? First, let me start by saying that I absolutely love candles. Candle making has been a breath of fresh air and has helped me with stress and depression. Before candles, I didn't have anything for myself and now I have my something. I am able to express myself, show my personality and creative side through candles. I enjoy the many fragrances and the science and art of candle making. So back in 2017, I told myself I can make my own candles and start a business. I began visiting stores and browsing the candle aisles. I found that most candles in stores were kind of basic. Of course there is nothing wrong with basic but I wanted to create a brand that not only creates a relaxing atmosphere for everyone's spaces, but to be unique, fun, creepy, magickal, and inspire. I did tons of research and started experimenting in my own kitchen (which I call my lab).


Let me tell you, it has been a long journey but well worth it. In 2020, I launched Lexscentials during the start of the pandemic not knowing what to expect. Business has been wonderful and I have been so overjoyed.  I want to thank you all for your support. For every purchase, like and share, Thank you! and as always, stay lit, spooky, and magickal. 







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