Dead Island Wax Scream Blaster
  • Dead Island Wax Scream Blaster

    Dead Island is made with soy wax and comes with a wax creepy zombie. This wax scream blaster smells similar to a mango/peachy cocktail or peach rings. This is the same fragrance we used for drunk in love. 


    Fragrance notes

    • papaya
    • grapefruit
    • orange


    Whats a wax scream blaster?

    A wax scream blaster is a softer wax in a jar that you can scoop out into your wax warmer. Scoopables are an alternative to candles and your regular clamshell melts. We call ours wax scream blasters because they remind us of ice scream. They are so fun and cool they will make you want to scream.

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