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Hey loves! My name is Alexis but I go by Lex. I am a 35  year old horror living dead girl. :) I have 3 beautiful children and a husband.  I used to be a school bus driver for Vigo county for 3 years. I drove for elementary, middle school and high school. I enjoy bowling, playing video games, and watching horror movies. I absolutely love reading books. Horror, Thriller, Fantasy, Sci-fi and a little romance from time to time. I am also a foodie. I'm a night owl who enjoys sitting outside watching the moon and star gazing. One of my dreams is to travel the world. I would love to have my own school bus  to renovate for travel. 

Why I started a business?

I started my business because I wanted something I could call mine. My other reasons were family, more income, to showcase my creations and a safe space for myself and others.


 I've been making candles for 6 years and i've had my business for 4 years. Creating art with wax is my thing. It is so relaxing and calming. Candle making has helped me with depression, stress, and anxiety. It is my safe space where I can just create and be my authentic self. I launched Lexscentials L.L.C. in 2020 during the start of the pandemic. 




Owner & Alchemist: Lex

Lexscentials L.L.C. is more than a brand, we are a lifestyle. The main focus of our branding is all things spooky and magical. We tend to celebrate Halloween all year. We aim to create a relaxing atmosphere for your home or any space. We aim to bring you quality products that you can incorporate into your home and everyday life. We aim to inspire, promote self-love and encourage a positive mindset. Our products are brought to you with love, non-toxic ingredients, and magic. 


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