Scary Movies & Chill
  • Scary Movies & Chill

    TIME TO FLOAT! Scary Movies & Chill was originally inspired by no other than the creepy dancing clown, Pennywise. This candle is so scrumptious you'll definitely will be drooling like IT once you smell how delicous it is! However, this candle represents all horror films in our eyes. Scary movies and chill is one of our personal favorites. This candle comes with red swirls throughout and a single cotton wick. This is our classic 12 oz. salsa jar with a Net wt. 8 oz. 




    Fragrance notes

    • pumpkin 
    • caramel
    • butter




      • 100% soy wax
      • vegan/eco-friendly
      • phthalate free fragrances & dye
      • cotton wicks
      • handmade & handpoured in small batches

      • since we use 100% soy wax you may experience some frosting on your candle and that is perfectly fine. It is a sign that you are using 100% natural wax. 
      • burn no more than 4 hrs. at a time
      • keep wicks trimmed to 1/4"
      • never leave candle burning unnattended
      • reusable jar
      • (refer to candle care and safety page for more information)
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